Back in the saddle, so to speak

After a couple of false starts this morning, I started another painting. It's a floral landscape border, 36" x 24", acrylic on ampersand gessobord (2" deep cradle). We have about 3 acres of property and have many perrenial flower beds. This particular one, lines a sidewalk that leads to our restaurant entrance. Last summer was a nice rainy season and the flowers seemed to bloom with no attention.

I started with a magenta-ish base. Sorry for the was impossibly sunny when I started, then dropped 20 degrees and became very gray out. Spring in Illinois........

I blocked in the darkest darks and started with some of the lighter lights

Getting more values in.

Starting to get near the end. I need to correct the background values. Kinda weird right now. Also, I had a spotlight on for this last picture because the weather caused my natural light to the color has a bit of a yellow cast to it.

Our trip to Chicago was so nice yesterday. It hit 73 degrees, sun was out, the Art Institute was cool...Millenium Park was bustling...and there was lots of green beer available. Jacob received his award for winning the state art poster contest. Look how proud he is (below) with his teacher, Debbie Thompson, my buddy.