Trying to get back at the easel today

It's Sunday morning in Grand Detour, Illinois and it is a mess outside today. A blizzard started yesterday afternoon, dumped 6 inches of snow, forced many of our restaurant reservations to cancel, and then turned to rain in the middle of the night....ick. At least with a slower restaurant, I didn't have to work...just visit the braves souls who did come in to eat.

So, this morning, I'm working up the ambition to finish my human study that I'm doing in acrylics. The two paintings inside this painting are by John Nolf from the 30s or 40s. It's been a bit of a stretch trying to duplicate his technique, but not overdoing it.

I'll post the completed painting as soon as I finish it! I also have to make a plan on what is next. Jeff and I are leaving next Sunday, 3/4, for a week to visit my oldest daughter in Savannah, GA. She graduated in '05 with a BA in Illustration and she now works for a large civil engineering firm providing design work and such. Being that we own a restaurant and bed & breakfast, we very rarely visit as a at a keep the business going. But, now we have a really great staff and we trust them to run the restaurant.

I plan on getting lots of good Savannah pics for future, now I've procrastinated enough. Time to get off my couch and get painting!