Still working on it!

Here is the same figurative study I started this past Monday. These pics are still from Monday, but I got my camera back (don't even ask where I found it) and took a couple more shots of the work I did after the intial uploading. One is kind of full size, but I didn't bother with skewing it before cropping...the other is a closeup. This scene was from the gallery in Dixon last summer. There was a silent art auction fundraiser going on when I took some pics and just found them on my PC. Maybe the title will be "The Auction." Still thinking on it.
Last night was another art show opening at the gallery (The Next Picture Show), a one woman show, for Fran Swarbrick. It also was the 3rd year anniversary for the gallery. The turn out was great. It also was snowing...again. Same as the opening night 3 years ago. Weird. The gallery is non-profit and allows looking for new members. Our board is really great. So nice to have people on board who GET IT and show enthusiasm and positive energy.

Well....I've hung around too long at home. Need to get to the inn and get some restaurant/inn work done before staff start popping up. If you're ever in the Dixon, Illinois or Grand Detour area of the world, check out our place for a great dining experience (Colonial Rose Inn). Yep, just had to plug the main business. Haven't done it in quite awhile.