Almost done...mural starting now.

I had a couple of hours to work on my human study today. Wish I had one hour more, but I had to get to Dixon to pick up Debbie and go to KSB Hospital to start our 3rd, count 'em, 3rd, mural on one of their stair wells. We do this with several of her art students. Fun. Today we sketched out several of her kids' paintings. The subject is Funny dogs, Happy Victorian Houses, and Crazy Cats.

We picked around 10 to work from and sketched them on the walls. The walls are cement block and kind of hard to paint on, but we've done it twice before....we can do it again.
Tuesday we'll start the painting in the afternoon. I'll post pics of the sketches tomorrow. My pasta water is boiling and I'm really, really hungry. Just a snack bag of Cheetos this afternoon. Only goes so far!