Still life is finished.

While a pot of Italian gravy was simmering on my stove, I went upstairs to my studio and finished a coffee cup still life. I also reworked a "previously finished" landscape's highlights. That darn painting never felt right to me. It had a life of its own and kept whispering (behind my back), "You had no business signing me before I was ready. Now get your butt over here and finish me." Swear to God. Really.

Empty: A Still Life
12 x 24, oil on canvas

Autumn Soy Bean Field
12 x 24, oil on canvas
Hope to get another one sketched out tonight. Jeff has playoff football on right now and the boredom could make me go sketch out some canvases. Since we root for the Bears...we don't have to play this week. Well, actually, when they were competing against the Packers on New Year's Eve, you could say they didn't play then either. Bear fans are hopeful, but definitely not cocky. We know better.