the records keep breaking....

I'm amazed. I went back to the studio for the third day in a row. clap clap clap I worked a bit more on my human study that I started on Monday. Just tightened it up a bit before the oils got a bit mucky and I got a bit bored.

So, I started a simple pear still life (on a silver tray) on something besides canvas. I bought these deep-cradled (2") gessoboards. This particular one is 11"x 17". The sides are wood, so I wrapped them in painter's tape to protect them from my drippy paint and then I coated it in cad red acrylic.

After that, I blocked in the still life and boy, do I like this board. I have to use softer brushes, but that's okay. This is the pear painting with about 45 minutes work.