New still life started on a snowy day

I love Mondays when I can get to my studio. We had a bit of an icy, sleet-filled night last night and didn't get the amount of snow first forcasted. I'm a snow lover, so I was a bit disappointed. Still, it is still flurrying and makes the light in my studio very nice. Here's a picture of my backyard and the neighbor's place. Jane Cress Edgar lives there and she's a great painter that lives in our village. Go to her website when you get a chance.

I also started on the 2nd of my coffee cup still lifes. I think this is the last in this series also. Boredom sets in doing the same thing too often. Although, I am enjoying this one. I went a bit heavy on the red underpainting, but I LOVE red. The two pictures below are the beginning phases of this painting. I worked a total of about 3 1/2 hours (on and off). Cold days make me want to keep my tea mug filled up
...and yes, I'm using one of the mugs that is in the still life. Now, it's time to think about dinner and finish laundry.