January is a good month...another painting finished.

I think this is a personal record, but I've finished a rather detailed still life in just 2 days (maybe a total of 9 hours). Maybe the subject, composition, and color combinations were just right and made it fun to do.

Empty II: A Cup Still Life
12" x 24" oil on canvas

After finishing, I started a 20"x24" oil of a human study. It's of a lunchtime scene at a local bakery/coffee shop in Dixon, IL. Originally it was to be an acrylic, but I was too lazy to go and clean up my oil brushes and palette before setting up the acrylic. Just below is about 45 minutes worth of blocking in some of the colors. The picture came out a bit blurry. I was losing the light and I rarely use flash when taking pictures. Hopefully I will be able to work again this week on it. But my other jobs get in the way.