Painting done...maybe

Got back at the easel yesterday afternoon. I pretty much finished the landscape I started last week. Well, I signed it anyway. Since it was such a gloomy day here, I lost my good light earlier than usual. I might still go back in and do a bit of highlighting here and there. But, for the most part, it's finished. I am still thinking of a title for it.

Today is every gloomier outside. About 10 days ago we had a great 13" of snow dumped on us, then frigid weather (but sunny). All that snow makes it very bright in a studio. Now, it's almost 50 degrees, the snow is melting and the contrast between the cold snow and warm air is making it extremely foggy. I'm a snow person and this muddy mess is just not cool.

You know what's cool? The Bears. They won last night and I stayed awake for the whole game.