One more holiday to go!

Merry Christmas and now on to New Year's! Being a restaurant owner, the holidays can take on a Scrooge feel by about Dec. 15th!

My husband and I both have large, intense families and Christmas is the same (on both sides). So, yesterday, 12/26, we made sure to stay home and see no one except our own two kids--who were home for the holiday. I got to get back to my easel to work on a still life that was started quite awhile back and my husband and oldest daughter picked out a menu and made dinner for all of us. We haven't had a dinner with just the four of us in .... I don't know when. Then we had several rounds of a board game (which I lost handily 5 times in a row...a record) and a late night movie that I had saved on our DVR.

Today, both girls head out. One to Chicago where she goes to school and the other to O'Hare to go back to Georgia. After the new year, I will try to be back in my studio at least 3 times a week! Promise!