Kids' class all done

Last Thursday, 10/19, Deb and I finished up with the "Authentic Artistic Experience" painting class up with her 5th and 6th grade classes. Just below are a few pictures from the last day. These were taken in the first couple of periods during the day. By the last 3 periods (after lunch), we were pooped and running around like crazy trying to wash brushes and replenish paint palettes before the next class came in. Therefore, I couldn't get may camera out to take pics. The newspaper came in on Thursday and believe it or not, we had a great 4/color front page article about the kids. Thank you Dixon Telegraph!

First period class quietly contemplating the last few strokes to their canvases.

This young lady wore her beret during class. It's al in the attitude.

This young man had a different take on his landscape! Kind of like a storm is coming...very moody. I like it.