Authentic Artistic Experience underway

First set of canvases, first period, first day! Awaaaay weeee goooo!

For the 2nd year in a row, I am participating, as Guest Artist, in the Authentic Artistic Experience with 5th and 6th grade students of Reagan Middle School, in Dixon, Illinois. Their teacher and my friend, Debbie Thompson, received a grant again from two organizations to pay for all the supplies and my time to do this. Yeah!

This is 1st period's work lined up after their class to dry. This is the first day.

This was a piece of student work after just one class session. It's coming along!

We started this past Monday. There are six classes with class sizes between 20-25 each. That's a lot of kids and canvases. Debbie and her daughter, Erin, underpainted all the canvases the week before I came in. Each class has a different colored canvas. This keeps them from getting mixed up and provides a different feel to the painting. We are using 5 different landscapes. Two of the classes are using the same photo. The landscapes are pics taken by Debbie and I of Illinois farmland in early and mid fall.

After each session's canvases dry, they're all stacked up on the light table. There's a lot of them!

Today, Wednesday, we're giving ourselves and the kids a break. We will fini
sh up tomorrow. Just below are 2 of my 6 paintings that I am demonstrating.

This painting is from the 2nd (or 3rd) period class after 2 sessions (about 1 hour).

This is my painting after two days (about one hour total) for the 7th period class.
One more day to work on it and I hope to finish it.