Learning new stuff

Well, I've been working as a project developer (for a web development/internet marketing company) for about 6 weeks now. I'm learning a lot about cold calls and talking to potential clients. In fact, I received my 1st commission check on a client I brought in. Several more are in the fire.

I like working with the owner, Jack. I'm just pooped. With restaurant and inn in the a.m., my other board responsibilities, and now this, I have NO time for painting. So frustrating. It seems like my stuff is always last. ooooooooh....does that ever sound whiney....must stop that.

Our house is almost finished being repaired (from fire in April) and we're turning an upstairs bedroom into my studio. That way, when the inspiration hits, I can just run upstairs to paint and not drive into town.

We're already booking Christmas parties. All Saturdays are filled up. That's cool. But, with the holidays and right now, fall weddings & homecomings, things are really picking up around here...if that's possible!

Next Tues., 10/3, I'm a speaker for the Rockford Arts Guild. I'll be presenting my work and answering questions (I guess!). Then, in a couple of weeks, I will again be the Guest Artist at Reagan Middle School. My friend, Debbie, is the 5th/6th grade art teacher and we received a grant to teach landscape painting to all of her classes. It will be a very full 3 days. It's exhausting, but the kids teach me as much as I teach them.

If I don't get a chance to post some new paintings in progess, then I'll post pics from this kids' class! I did get some great shots of IL soybean fields. They turn a beautiful gold in the fall and this year was amazing. I look forward to doing some of those.