Good Show...despite the weather

Well, what a difference a year makes. We had a few rainfalls from setup to takedown, but they were the no-wind, gentle kind of rain. Several artists were no-shows (some actually asked if we were still going to do the show if it rained!). What does "rain or shine" mean people? The crowd was modest, but that shows who the true art lovers are. The temp didn't get higher than 65 degrees (a 30 degree difference from 2005), but it was less wear and tear on the body.

I'm so glad I do oils and acrylics. Water pretty much bounces off of them. I really felt bad for the watercolorists and pastelists. Humidity can wreak havoc on their work.

I sold my largest painting to date. See below. It was a 36" x 48" acrylic called "Serenity Border." It normally hangs over the mantel in our restaurant lounge and I ALMOST didn't bring it. Husband Jeff said to do it, just in case.... props to Jeff. About 45 minutes later I was awarded BEST OF SHOW!! Forgot all about the rain....

This week, I'm setting up simple, everyday objects for still lifes. Will do small and large ones for fun and see how they turn out.

Serenity Border

My friend Debbie, came by earlier in the show and put this tiny little "good luck elephant" on my sales table. Soon afterwards came the big sale and award.

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