Big Storm Coming

Well, the outdoor art show I'm in (and on the committee for) is tomorrow. Just walked outside at around 7 pm and the temp must have dropped at least 20 degrees. I have no problem with that, but the weather radar shows some darn ugly purple stuff heading in from Iowa. Last year we had a drought and the temp was well over 90 at the show. I don't mind cool weather, but rain and wind could put a damper on the crowds.

Maybe I'll smuggle a bottle of wine into my tent. "When life gives you lemons...." I know several artists in tents nearby who will welcome my hospitality! What's nice is that this show is only TWO blocks from my home at the John Deere Historic Site. Yep...old John invented the plow and finished off the prairies right here in Grand Detour.

As to being ready...guess so. Once the last guests leave our restaurant tonight, we'll strip the walls of my paintings. I gave the waitstaff permission to offer customers a 10% discount on any original if they buy it tonight with cash or check. That way, I won't have to lug these heavy things to the show.

Well, my shower is running and it's time to bid goodbye. Wish me luck tomorrow!