Art Show this weekend

Wow. It's been forever since I blogged. I think about it every day. You know, like "I've gotta do that soon," kind of thing. Just like laundry and cleaning toilets! Well, not that bad. I've taken on another aspect in my life. In the afternoons, I have been working/training at a company that creates dynamic web sites, a.v. production, and email marketing. My card says "project development." Sounds good. I'm still feeling very green and cold calls are very hard for me, but that is something to overcome. Anything worthwhile is. The company is called Affinity AV, New Media Design. Check it out. I met the owner when he made a presentation to do the web site for our tourism bureau. Check out their completed site. Nice, huh?

Oh....I sold a painting yesterday. I was just settling in on a rainy Monday and finishing up a couple of paintings for this Sunday's art show (Grand Detour Art Festival -- BOOTH 43), when I hear my dog, Annie, barking. The inn is closed on Monday, so the door
was locked. A woman and her husband were in for dinner this past Friday and mentioned they liked a couple of my paintings that were hanging in the dining rooms. They asked the price...told them...and that's normally I last I hear from people! Well, she came back and purchased "Rolling llinois Farmland III." (see pic below) I will ship it next week as they are visiting from California. Wish sales could all be that easy and pleasant.