When you least expect it...

Whew...finally the heat wave broke. My computer is in an un-airconditioned room and it has been way too hot to work on it! So, no blog updates.

I haven't been painting either because the heat just seems to stifle my creativity...sitting inside just cramps my style, you know?

I have taken on a new project...I've been hired by Affinity AV (new media design) in project development. It's part time and I will be working in partnership with the owner, Jack Hughes, to help bring in new business, from web design to graphic design, to av stuff. With this, I get experience in this really interesting business and I get some new technical design experience. Something I need!

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Our restaurant was super busy for a Wednesday. Too hot to even cook outside! So, I came in at the last of the evening to help clear glasses and stuff to get the staff out sooner. When, lo and behold, one of the last customers in for the evening, saw my painting, "Detig 3" in one of the dining rooms and bought it. Last thing I expected. Wooo hoooo! They have a home in Florida and want a piece of the midwest hanging down south! I tried uploading a picture and Blogger just won't work. So, maybe in another post.

The next two weeks are sooo busy. Our tourism board is having it's annual dinner tonight in Dixon, we have sold out rooms all weekend, with a wedding reception on Saturday. Next week, I'm teaching acrylic painting to youngsters at the gallery (2 days) and that weekend is my GASP, 30th high school reunion in Mendota, IL--sweet corn capital of the world! Stop the merry go round, I want to get off!