A good day!

What a great day today. I finished another lilly painting, but that wasn't the highlight. Today started early with serving breakfast to a houseful of bed & breakfast guests. Who, by the way, were great. They stayed for two days for their family reunion and were the best. This weekend was SO BUSY, with working the "Nuts about Art Show" in Dixon. I don't show at this one, but since I'm on the board, I manned, with my buddy Debbie, the information area for the artists...checking them in, making coffee, answering questions, yada..yada...yada. That started around 6:30 am on Sat. and then I boogied out of there to work our restaurant. Busy night with lots of big tables and lots of newer waitstaff. A couple of them had that "deer in the headlight" look by 8:00!

But, after my guests checked out Sunday, Debbie and I headed over to my dear friend Mary's house to paint in her studio. It was a rainy, humid day and perfect for painting, talking, and Sangria, Peach Marghueritas, etc. Her husband, Larry (the best) was the drink engineer. He would come by to check on us between innings of the Chicago Cubs-White Sox game. And yes, the Cubs actually didn't blow this one. They won 15-11. I am SO a "fair weather" fan. Below is the entrance to Mary's lair. Good times.

Above is a shot of my second Illinois waterlilly painting. It's a 20" x 24" acrylic. Mary & Larry's house sits on a bluff overlooking the Rock River, Third Rock it is called. The sun was out by the time we left. Very relaxing and beautiful. I need more evenings like this!