Busy weekend & finished a painting

Boy, the b&b and restaurant were busy this weekend. We had guests midweek from Germany and then a group of 25-30 somethings were here for a wedding in the area. They checked out this morning. Jeff and the staff are just finishing up with a private party...they are something else. I had a feeling they were going to be different, so after doing breakfast dishes, I beat it to the studio! Finished my still life I started last week. Since the shadows in the painting are from my blinds, I'm calling it Venetian Shadows. I'm taking this painting and two others to my photographer in Rockford on Tuesday to have good digital shots taken. Normally, I try to get to the studio on Monday, but I'm meeting my sisters (4 of them anyway) and my mom and we're going to a great landscape/nursery in Princeton, called Hornbaker Gardens. Then we're taking my mom out for lunch for her bday. It's supposed to be a beautiful 75 degrees and sunny. So, my next paintings might be florals!