Got a start on a Spring Painting

Went to my studio today hoping for a quiet afternoon of painting. Monday is a closed day for the gallery. Wrong. There were a lot of people putting together an art auction that will take place this evening. Lots of worker bees and bossy bees. So, I just kind of blocked most of them out and started on a landscape from our village. When my daughter, Erin, was home in April, she, my dog Annie and I went on a nice walk on a quiet road that stretches along side the Rock River. After Annie had her swim and an encounter with an angry goose, we were walking back and came across a scene of newly blooming trees and 2 apple trees being highlighted by the setting evening sun. This is about 4 hours of work and I stopped because the oils were starting to mud up on me. I'll wait a couple of days before working on it again. The size is 20" x 24" on canvas.