Woo Hoo!

Cool beans. Last night (Tues.) was the 59th annual Phidian Art Show in Dixon, IL. I had two paintings entered, "Row of Blue Irises," (shown in previous posts) and "Saturday Night Rush." I'm happy to announce that "Saturday Night Rush" took Best of Show. I've never won this particular level of an award and it really feels great.

Sure didn't expect it or I would have worn something a bit more on the cute side...oh well. I had just spent the late part of the afternoon....ugh...trying on bathing suits for my upcoming trip to Savannah. Understandably, I wasn't in the best of moods when I walked into the show. Let's just say, things got better later in the evening.

Below is a q
uick shot of the painting taken at the show. Gotta love flourescent lights. The second picture is the painting showing its true colors.