Back from Savannah

I got back from Savannah, GA late Wednesday night. My buddy, Debbie, joined me and we had a really good time. Four days of intense walking, serious eating, drinking and touring. My daughter's apartment is beautiful and she was a personal tour guide for a couple of days. Savannah was never a lot of fun for me when we visitied because we were busy with Erin's college things...moving, financial aid, graduation....and the weather was normally very hot. This time, it was all vacation, all the time. The day after coming home, Thursday, Debbie and I started a mural in the Dixon Juvenile Conference room at the Court House. We got most of it done in a day. We'll finish it on Monday. We did the mural in "The Little Prince" theme. We are actually getting paid for this job! Easter is this weekend and the restaurant is sold out. Busy couple of days coming up. That's okay...what would I do otherwise....sleep?

My next art thing is an all day painting event for Alzheimer's in Rockford. After the artists (about 50 of them) paint, the public bids on their work. It's a good networking thing and it's nice to meet artists that are just outside my home area.

Below are a couple of pics of my Savannah trip. The first is myself and my daughter, Erin. The 2nd is a wierd Gumby painting on the side of a building. Wierd...just like Savannah!