Another Day ... Another Mural

Debbie and I tackled a project for the Shining Star program (for abused children) in Dixon. We were commissioned to do a mural for the Juvenile Conference room at the Lee County Courts building in Dixon, IL.

We did it in the theme of the famous childrens' book, "The Little Prince."

The day after we returned from Savannah, Thurs., 4/13, we got a really good start on the mural. Good Friday the building was closed, so we finished yesterday (Monday). It's the first mural project we've done without kids and we were paid!

Here are a few pictures of the mural in progress, finished, and some detailed close ups.

The top pics are detailed closeups of a couple of the illustrations. Just above (left) is Debbie working on her little guy.

This is my start on one of the illustrations.

Excuse the quality of the pictures below. Here are some finished walls. We highlighted with some gold metallic acrylic paint and depending on the time of day and where you're takes on a guilded look.