Project finished

I finally finished a project for someone. It was a "I'll pay you if you want" kind of job. What are you supposed to say with that? I did a volunteer job of painting a play stage backdrop and the director wanted something done with that image (and lots of lettering). It came right before the holiday season, so I put it off. Then it became embarassing for promising something and not delivering. So today I FINISHED IT. I'll email him now for him to come by sometime this weekend to pick it up.

My friend, Debbie, and I just picked up a mural job. It should be pretty easy...except their is a saying we have to letter around the room. I'm thinking of printing the phrase out on the computer and using transfer paper to get the words on the wall quickly and efficiently.

Next week I am entered into two local art shows. I saw many of the pieces in one of the will be tough to win an award an that one (or either of them for that matter). Wish me luck. The day after the 2nd show, Debbie and I head off to Savannah, GA!! Woooo Hooooo! We both are dangerous with our cameras. No one will be safe from them. Hopefully, we'll both get some great pics for future paintings. I need to get inspired.