A bit of Painting, a bit of Learning

This past week has been busy. On Monday I went to my studio and put in a couple of hours work on the "iris" painting below. This is an oil, 24 x 48. It's taking me forever because I don't get to the studio much and when I'm there, interuptions are many. I think I have about 2 more sessions of work to go on this one.

On Wed. I went to Rockford for an all day seminar on Adobe Photoshop. It was a pretty good class. I have some experience with Photoshop CS, but the program is so huge, that my knowledge just barely scratches the surface. I did learn some new shortcuts and techniques.
On Sunday, 2/26, I managed to finish this 18 x 18 acrylic that I started as a class demo for a Dixon High School art class this fall. It's been sitting in my kitchen on a bench for a couple of months staring at me during every meal! So, at home, I just decided to finish it and I hung it up on my hydrangea purple wall. Yes, hydrangea purple. You read it right!