More design work these days instead of painting...

I haven't been able to get to the studio for the sole purpose of painting. The gallery had an opening for the b/w photography show last Friday. Helping with that took up a lot of time and also our b&b got busy unexpectedly. Other than that, some kind of virus/cold/flu is going around this area of Illinois. Must be the extreme temp changes. So...I've been laying low a bit this week. I did receive from the printer my first job for a 2 sided, 4/c rack card. My first time doing that. Also, yesterday, I played around with the gallery's next postcard design for their "FARMS & BARNS" show opening in April. I'm way ahead on that stuff. See below images of both projects.

The rack card's actual size is 4" x 9".

This is a standard size postcard. Click on either pic to get a larger view.