Finished a painting--Started a painting.

Yesterday I finished "Barn on Penn Corner Road," 20 x 24 oil on canvas. I'm taking it to my photographer in Rockford, IL tomorrow to be scanned. He does a great job.
I started on a new one yesterday also. No title yet. It's 24 x 48 and an oil on linen. As you can see, I start with a colored background...this one being cad red. The subject is a row of irises from a photo I took at Hornbaker Gardens (in Princeton, IL) last year. Click on either pic to see a larger view.
Today is busy. I have to run now to a tourism board meeting, then go to the gallery to help with a mailing until my exercise class at the Y. Body Sculpting...can you believe it? I've gained weight, but they say that's because of muscle buildup. Yeah...right!