Mural--Day Two "Crowd of Cats" finished!

We did it! Another mural done. Debbie and I started at 1 pm with the kids yesterday (Fri., 1/13/06). There were 13 children. We had a blast. Also the hospital personnel were so helpful with getting us large garbage bins, extra paint, and blocking off all the doors to the stairwell. Scroll down to see the mural being created...The kids had to leave by 4 pm. After that Debbie and I just had to add the outlining and small highlights. We were done by 7 pm. Thanks to Todd of KSB Hospital for helping us carry out our supplies to the car. It was a very cold, windy January night in Dixon, IL! Then Debbie and I went to a local bar/eatery for a well deserved beer (or two).
First, a couple of pictures of our wonderful painting crew. Aren't they great? Debbie's way up at the top.
Here's another I could be in it. That darn railing cut some people out, but you can tell we enjoyed the day. I tell 'ya, we really got to laughing at times. Do you know what it sounds like in a cement block stairwell with 15 people cackling like hens?
Getting started.

The kids are gone. Debbie putting on the final touches.
Some cool cats.
Some cool cats ... ditto.
The end.