Stage Painting Done...on to new projects.

This past Sunday I finished work on the stage painting for "South Pacific." I had two people from the Mt. Morris PAG helping this time...which was really nice. I had dinner plans and it was great getting home before 6 p.m. and another rain storm. The weather has been wierd all summer and now fall. Today it was 85 degrees and it's supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. By Thursday it is predicted to be 58 degrees. That can't be good.

I've included pics of the stage. It's around 90% finished -- the painting that is. They are still building other sets like volcanoes, huts, and the like!

Tomorrow is the Phidian fall luncheon. The Phidian Art Club is an women's arts group dating to the 1890's. It's nice being 47 years old and one of the youngest members. That doesn't happen much anymore!

After a morning meeting at the gallery regarding finalizing the membership brochure, I stayed at my studio until almost 4 p.m. working on new oil painting. It's 40" x 30" and is a study of some customers dining at twilight in our restaurant. This painting is about 75% done. I was really starting to get into this when I realized I needed to get home. Hope to be able to find time for this soon.