My art studio and stuff

A couple of quick is a view into my studio space that I rent at The Next Picture Show art gallery in Dixon. In fact, once I'm done getting this post published, I will be on my way there to frame some stuff, finish a new miniature, start a new painting, and then straighten the place up. The gallery is having their HOLIDAY ART SHOW opening this coming Friday, 11/4 and since my space is on the main level, no doors.... I need to snazz it up a bit.

The other pictures is one of my acr
ylic studies of the Pear Still Lifes that I demostrated from when I did the painting workshop a few weeks ago at Reagan Middles School. I had to start 6 paintings in one day and work on each of them for the corresponding class. So, each of them were only 1/2 done. This picture is one that seemed most completed and last Monday I went and finished it. The size is 14" x 14".