Long Week coming to an End.

It's Saturday about 3:15 p.m. I'm sitting watch over the inn & restaurant right now. Just waiting for my last room to check-in and the restaurant staff to start coming in. Jeff is participating in the Harvest Wine Festival in Dixon from 4 - 8 pm. First time for this event. Wonder how it will go.

Wanted to paint sometime on Sunday or Monday. But Jeff is participating in a Rib Cooking Contest in town for a Breast Cancer fundraiser. He's a busy boy this week...which means little time for art.

Tomorrow in our area's Sunday Edition of the paper, there will be a big article about the work Debbie
and I did with the kids at Reagan Middle School. Kind of nervous. I never take a good picture. Deb and I saw the photographer who did the shots at the Y on Thursday and he said they came out great...we'll see. I am enclosing a picture of a painting one the the students did. Not bad, huh?!

Thursday I went to the studio and worked some more on my big oil and piddled around with another little 5 x 7 oil. Those are kind of fun. I might do a bunch of them for the holidays and see how they sell. Tomorrow, when I get a few minutes, I'll upload a couple shots of both works in progress.

I must run. My last guests are walking in the door. Boy, these 16 hour days are for the birds.