All in a day's Work

After working with the high school students....I decided to add another day to help them with their paintings. The class was huge -- 30 students all packed in. It was hard for many of them to see the still life set up at the front of the room. So, I took some pics from different parts of the room and emailed them to Peg, their teacher. She'll print them off and give to the kids in the back of the room so they don't have to spend so much time straining to get stuff done. I'm going to come in on Thursday. Unfortunately, we have b&b guests in the morning. Guess Jeff will be flying solo!

Had a fundraising committee meeting at the gallery today. We're trying to find ways to help fund this non-profit art center. We are all kind of new at this and so, we do a lot of stuff by the seat of our pants!

Oh, I got the frames for my miniature paintings. They look very nice. I'll upload a picture tomorrow of the finished pieces. Crap, Jeff just turned off Two and a Half men to watch the Cardinals. Go White Sox!