Two Days...Two Kinds of Art!

The last 2 days have been very interesting. Sunday I spent my second evening helping a local community theatre guild paint the background scene for their stage (South Pacific). They had a professional set sketch and I am to get it on the backdrop in a painterly manner. I have one more Sunday to go. It's been different, but I'm glad I did it. Never have done anything like this before and now I know I can. The picture to the left is after my 1st day and the pic to the right is after my 2nd day. Click on any of these pictures to get a larger view.

Today was the first of 3 days as Guest Artist for the 5/6th grade art classes at Reagan Middle School in Dixon. Debbie Thompson, their teacher and my buddy, got a grant for this type of activity, so they get me AND I get paid. I arranged 3 different still lifes, uploaded it to Deb, then she got it loaded on to her computer at school and we projected 3 different large, simple pear still lifes for 6 classes....yes, 6 classes. Day 1 is done and I AM POOPED. I had to start a new canvas every 55 minutes. So, I did 6 canvases today. We hope to finish with the kids by Thursday. The press will be there and God, I hope we have stuff to show them.