It rained today! And, some pictures of the art show.

This was my booth setup. The picture was taken around 8 am.
When it was only 75 degrees.

I was lucky to have these young girls playing music behind me all morning.

Another artist kept the crowds entertained while carving all day.

Busy day doing inn work instead of artwork. Tuesday is my day to man the phones, take care of people walking in to look around, buy gift certificates (and stuff), and updating the inn's web site's calendar, weekend specials, and general busy work. Today was the 4th day of 90+ degrees (in mid-September no less). Fortunately, around 5:00 we had a quick extreme thunderstorm that ushered in 70 degree weather. Now that's more like it! I went to my body sculpting class at the Y right after. We had the 'big ball' today. I'm sore all over, but it will be worth it ...that's what they say anyway. Well, that's about all today. Jeff has an off-site catering job. It's outdoors on the River and it rains for the FIRST TIME IN A MONTH!!! Wouldn't you just know it. So, my supper will be a big bowl of popcorn with Parmesan cheese. I really like having the house completely to myself sometimes, especially when the cleaning lady came and it's spotless!