I'm just starting out on this blog stuff and so I think I'll just post a couple of my most recent pieces. Tomorrow I will be showing at one of Illinois' oldest fine art festivals in Grand Detour, Illinois (on the grounds of the John Deere Historic site). If anyone comes by, I'm at booth 24! You'll see some of my oils and acrylics that are shown here.
The landscape is called "Iris Fields." It is an oil on canvas, 24" x 48". The location of the field is in Princeton, Illinois at a great nursery called Hornbakers.
The Still Life is called "Bird's Eye View". It's also an oil/c and is 20" x 20". I do a lot of fruit!

Jump to my web site to see my current inventory.

Well, I have to get my rear in gear. There a lot of errands to run before our restaurant opens and I still have to pick which paintings I want to show at the festival tomorrow!