End of summer cook out

Saturday was a full day. I went over to my neighbor (and fellow artist) Bev Garcia's home to show my support for her open gallery. She had all of her work for sale with ALL proceeds going to charity. She was doing great by noon. I need to find out how the day ended. The restaurant was busy, but everything went great. All the staff showed up, which makes a huge difference. On Sunday, Jeff and I went up to Rockford to see his parents. He went golfing and Nancy (mom-in-law) and I went to the Greenwich Art Show. I went for two reasons. One, I love art shows and use them for inspiration in my work, and, Two, I am on the board for two local art festivals, and so I gather business cards of fellow artists. I also check out how the show is run for ideas (good and bad) for our art shows. Big "no-no" that I saw. Artists who did NOT HAVE business cards or they were NOT in their booth at all. After the show, we went back to Nancy's house, where the rest of the family gathered for a great steak and end of summer vegetable feast! Now that all of our kids are out of the house, this was a first, all-adult dinner with no restrictions on the menu in years...i.e. vegetarian kids. All carnivor--all the time!